Gadget phone game-changers for long distance relationships

You live on one side of the country, they live on the other – but you’re in love, making a go of things and texting 24/7. We’ve sought out some gadgets to help make your long distance relationship just a little bit easier…

Pillow Talk started as an idea, and became a reality after a Kickstarter campaign – each of you wears a bracelet (and they’re quite nice looking, to be fair) and each of you has a speaker under your pillow. So let’s say, Bob’s wearing the blue bracelet and Susie’s wearing the red bracelet – Bob’s blue bracelet sends his heartbeat, in real time, to Susie’s red speaker, and vice versa. They ship worldwide, so it doesn’t matter where in the world you both live, but you can’t get your hands on one until later this year.

Another bracelet-based idea is TapTap, pairs of wristbands connected only to each other – just tap your bracelet to let your loved one know you’re thinking of them. Beyond this, you can use your TapTap as an activity tracker, a game controller and a smart alarm. Pretty nifty, and something to bring you and your other half closer together even when you’re far apart.

Not so much a gadget in itself, but an app for your gadgets, is Couple – a social network for just the two of you. You can upload photos and make status updates, create to-do lists together and share a calendar, and even (sort of) touch, using Thumbkiss. You just tap the screen with your thumb and they’ll see it too – or you can go one step further and draw together with the LiveSketch part of the app. Stay connected no matter where you are!

Of course, you’ll want your loved one to be able to see your face as often as possible so make sure you help them prolong the lifespan of their phone or tablet with the perfect high-quality protective case from Foxy Case so you two can keep video chatting for as long as you’re apart!