Leading iPhone XR Cases 

Stay ahead of the trends with an all-new iPhone XR case.

We all use our phones every day and carry them with us wherever we go, so it’s a sensible plan to treat yours to a brand new protective case. FoxyCase only recommends the finest options available. These cases are slim, stylish and allow access to all ports so your phone can remain damage-free in its case. 

FoxyCase represents some of the best phone and tablet cases available. We don’t just place random items on our site. Instead, we forge bonds with the greatest providers in order to get exclusive access to the best stock. 

Our dedicated team hand-chooses each iPhone XR case you see on this page. Every item is put through an evaluation to make sure it lives up to not only industry standards but also FoxyCase’s high bar of excellence. Here are a few things we look out for: 

  • Ergonomics – does the case feel functional and make the phone comfortable to use? We only want cases that will enhance the iPhone XR experience. 
  • Durability – is the phone case strong enough to protect your device? We only recommend cases that are built to last. 
  • Aesthetics – does the design of the case compliment your iPhone XR? There’s no reason to detract from the beauty of the new iPhone. 

It’s FoxyCase’s thorough inspection and wide selection that separates us from the competition. Phone cases and tablet cases, we’ve got you covered. A quick browse through our curated lists is guaranteed to leave you with something great.