Exceptional Nexus 5 Cases 

Keep your device looking new with a Nexus 5 case.

There’s nothing more frustrating than buying a new phone and being afraid to use it for fear of damage. If you’re rocking a Nexus 5, you should consider getting a matching case to keep it in great condition through constant use. Take a look through our curated list to find a great case to match your style. 

FoxyCase has access to the best phone cases available. We’ve strategically developed great relationships with only the best providers in the industry. This puts our team in a prime position to browse through all of the available Nexus 5 cases to find the creme-de-la-creme. 

Each item you see on our site has been hand-picked after going through a series of evaluations. Here are some questions we ask about each case to make sure it’s up to snuff: 

  • Is the phone built with high-quality materials to ensure durability through prolonged use? 
  • Can the case protect a device from scratches, cracks, and breaks that are common through everyday use? 
  • Is the case stylish enough to enhance the aesthetics of the phone? 

Whether you’re an Android lover or an iPhone nut, we’ve got all of the cases to meet your needs. It doesn’t matter how old your device is, you’re bound to find something you love to protect your device.