Stylish iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases

MAXimize your new 11 Pro Max with a protective case.

Outfit your iPhone 11 Pro Max with something that’s stylish and protective: a new case. Whether you just upgraded from an iPhone 11 or switched over from an Android phone, you’re going to need something to keep that Pro Max in great condition. Browse through our list for some of the hottest cases around.

While some sites list random cases without any forethought, FoxyCase has developed strong connections with vendors around the country to bring you the best of the best.

The iPhone 11 Pro cases recommended on this list are there by design. We’ve put each through its paces to determine which have the most to offer.

Durability is the first thing we consider, because, let’s face it, a phone case is only worthwhile if it can protect your phone. Looks are important, but they certainly take a backseat to protection. That leads us to our second consideration which is aesthetics. When you’re walking around with your iPhone 11 Pro Max, you want people to notice. After all, it wasn’t a cheap buy. Our phone cases will compliment your phone while also providing it with the necessary protection required for daily use.

FoxyCase doesn’t fool around when it comes to curating the best phone cases in the biz. There’s no junk on our site, and our iPhone 11 Pro Max case suggestions are no difference.