iPad 3rd Generation

Look After Your Investment

Let’s face it, Apple products, whilst super stylish and excellent performers, are at the higher end of the price band, so it just makes sense to look after your device, and if you have a 2nd Generation or the latest iPhone model, FoxyCase have an accessory specifically designed for you.

Our collection includes the dual action folio cases that can double as a tablet stand, wallet versions, and sleekly fitting sleeves, so why not have a browse?

With reliable relationships with trusted sellers, FoxyCase can feature the highest quality and the lowest prices around, which you then benefit from.

All our case models are tried and tested for a number of factors, including the quality of the workmanship, the level of protection offered, and the value for money. The latter is done by weighing up the price against the quality and assessing the difference.

Because we’ve done the hard work, you can relax knowing you’ve made a great decision.