Alba 8 Inch

Keep Your Tablet Damage-Free

If you have an Alba 8, or 7-inch, tablet, it makes sense to ensure your device doesn’t get damaged. A case from FoxyCase will protect your device from any knocks or bashes that life throws at it, keeping it looking good, and working great. Protecting your tablet can even be good for your health – reports suggest that a device with a cracked screen can  emit radiation, which, as we all know, is pretty bad.

We personally check each and every element of our tablet cases, thus ensuring that the only ones we feature are the very best avaliable. Our rigorous tests are designed to check, amongst other things:

  • Longevity – a case from FoxyCase should last a long time, probably much longer than the device itself!
  • Level of protection offered – your tablet should be protected from the worst knocks and scrapes
  • Weather resistance – our cases should offer the highest preotection from inclement weather

Working with the most reliable and trustworthy sellers, gives us peace of mind that our Alba 8 tablet cases are exceptional, and allows you to relax, knowing your tablet is protected. It’s a win/win situation!