Featured iPhone 6S Plus Cases

Check off all your boxes with a dynamic and stylish iPhone 6S Plus case.

Don’t you know your iPhone 6S Plus feels naked without an equally-attractive case? Help keep your device protected with an all-new, durable, and attractive case. The FoxyCase collection features only the best products available, so you don’t have to waste your valuable time wondering what’s hot and what’s not.

FoxyCase isn’t your average site. We don’t just throw random phone cases on our pages and hope they sell. We go straight to the source by working directly with reputable sellers who have access to some of the hottest new iPhone 6S Plus cases. 

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In fact, there are certain standards that must be met before an iPhone 6S Plus case is even considered worthy of making it onto our comprehensive list. Here are some questions we ask about each case: 

  • Is it’s production quality strong enough to last through years of constant use? 
  • Can it protect the iPhone 6S Plus from scratches, dents, and cracks? 
  • Is it attractive enough to boost the aesthetic appeal of the device? 
  • Does it feel good in the hand when using the phone? 

While other companies are worried about seeing dollar signs, we’re interested in seeing customers’ smiling faces. Whether you’ve got the newest iPhone 11 or are still rocking the 5S, FoxyCase has just the case for you.