Choose Your Style – A New LG Q6 Phone Case

If you’ve just bought a fabulous new LG Q6, you’ll want a case that protects, whilst keeping your phone’s stylish good looks. Our ultra tough cases are tried and trusted to keep your phone damage-free, and being slimline, enable it to look its very best at all times.  You’ll  love your phone even more with a case from Foxy Case!

It makes sense to come to us because we take our responsibility seriously enough to connect with the most reliable merchants around. This allows us access to the highest quality phone cases at the lowest prices. Not only that but every case is put through a series of tests to establish, amongst other things:

  • Design – each case should fit its designated model perfectly
  • Durability – your phone must be completely and utterly protected
  • Accessibility – every port, camera lens and speaker etc must be readily accessible

Becuase we go to these extreme lengths, we get it right, every time. See, we said it made sense!