iPad Pro 12.9

At Work, Rest and Play, Your iPad will be Perfectly Protected

Our tablets are abused daily – thrown into bags, tossed onto tables and desks, or jammed into drawers; is it any wonder that so many get damaged within the first few months of ownership? That can all be avoided if, when you buy a new tablet – the gorgeous new iPad Pro 12.9 for example, you also find a highly protective case.

If you need a new tablet case, you’ve come to the right place. Our cases are all extra durable, with a superior level of protection offered, eliminating the risk of any damage, however badly you abuse your device.

If you have an iPad Pro 10.5, we have cases for them, too.


Forging relationships with a small number of trusted sellers means that we can offer excellent cases, at budget-friendly prices. Every case undergoes as series of thorough tests, designed to establish, amongst other things:

  • Quality – each case must be of the highest quality possible
  • Fit – although we pride ourselves on our range of styles, including sleeves, folio and wallet cases, each one must fit the tablet perfectly
  • Aesthetic appeal – each of our cases must offer a stylish on-trend designer look

Because we take our job seriously, you can relax, confident in the knowledge that every single case will do its job perfectly, too.