Flare 3 9 Inch

Set the Trend with an Awesome Case for your Flare 3 9 Inch

If you have a stunning new Flare 3, then you’ll need to take care of it, ensuring that it remains damage-free and performing perfectly. A protective case from FoxyCase can do just that, allowing your tablet to be pushed into backpacks, slid accross desks or tables and thrown down without incurring any issues. You know it makes sense.

We only work with the best and most reliable sellers, with access to their highest quality, lowest priced cases. However, our job doesn’t end there – each model is checked over to determine if it conforms to our strict standards. Our tests include examining:

  • Durability – each case must offer the highest levels of protection possible
  • Style – our cases possess the epitome of style and on-trend good looks
  • Accessibility – the function of your tablet should never be impinged by a case; ports, function buttons and so on, should always be easily accessible

Because we go to these lengths, you can rest assured that you’re looking at the best cases around.