Fire HD 10 Inch

From a Super Hot Device to a Super Cool Look

Whether you have a Fire HD 10, or an 8-inch model, a FoxyCase tablet case will make sure it keeps its super cool good looks and sleek design, whatever life throws at it. A cracked screen can not only make your device look unappealing but it’s bad for your eyes, too, so it’s a wise idea all round to treat you and your device to a smart new case.

Because we believe in doing things properly, we build strong relationships with all our trusted sellers, making sure we get the best deals on all the best tablet cases. Not only that, but each of our cases is put through a series of tests, designed to sift the amazing from the merely good. We evaluate everything, including:

  • Value for money – by weighing up cost with quality, we can accurately assess whether a case offers the best value for money
  • Durability – all of our featured cases can protect your device from any knocks, bashes and scrapes that could affect it
  • Aesthetic appeal – turning your tablet from any old device to a super cool, ultra stylish machine is simple with one of our cases

We go to these lengths so that you don’t have to. Please, feel free to have a browse.