Sleek iPhone 6 Cases

Grab a stylish case to protect your iPhone 6 today!

New or used, that iPhone 6 looks great, but it’s missing something…a case, of course! Browse through our list of modern and sleek cases to find one that you love and protect your iPhone 6 in style. 

At Foxycase, we only work with the top suppliers in order to gain access to the best phone cases available. Rest assured that everything on this list is high-quality and worth the price. 


When sourcing iPhone 6 cases, we check for durability first. If it’s not going to keep your phone protected through daily use, then there’s no point in even considering it. Next, we look at the quality of the materials to make sure the case itself is going to last a long time. Don’t worry, we also take aesthetics into consideration. We wouldn’t let you walk around without a stylish case. 


Whether you’ve got an iPhone or Android phone, FoxyCase has the best selection of modern cases to meet your needs.