Stylish iPhone 7 Cases 

Keep your device safe and sound with an iPhone 7 case.

That iPhone 7 isn’t going to protect itself. One accidental drop or scratch could end up costing you over $100 in repairs. Why not spend a fraction of that on a chic and durable phone case? Go ahead and browse our comprehensive list while you try to come up with an answer to that one.

FoxyCase sets itself apart from the competition through it’s willingness to source the best products from the industry’s leading vendors. We don’t waste our time with crappy merchants because we only want access to the best stock. This gives each of our customers the pick of the litter when it comes to finding an iPhone 7 case that fits their personal taste. 

Our lists are hand-picked after each item is put through a series of evaluations to make sure it lives up to the FoxyCase standard. Here are some questions that we ask about each phone case before adding it to the list: 

  • Does it have the build quality to last through several years of use? 
  • Is it robust enough to protect the iPhone 7 from damage (i.e. dings, scrapes, scratches, etc.)? 
  • Is the device still comfortable to use with the case?  
  • Does it fit comfortably in the pocket? 

FoxyCase is your go-to site for any type of case you need. Don’t have an iPhone, no worries. We’ve got featured cases from the top brands, including Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and tons more. Have a search through our collection to see some of the most unique and sturdy cases around.