Xperia E1

Xperience True Style with an Xperia E1 Phone Case

If you have a brand new Sony Xperia E1 phone, it makes sense to get your hands on a stylish, ultra protective case to keep it looking and feeling immaculate. Our cases offer superior durability, ensuring that none of life’s little accidents affect your phone. Not only that, our collection includes a wide range of designs, from folio to soft gel, all in on-trend styles and patterns.

By only working with a closeknit group of trusted vendors, we can access their best phone case deals and offer them to our customers. Each model is personally tested to determine whether it matches our high expectations. Our tests include assessing:

  • Protective properties – can the phone survive dropping, kicking and being stamped on?
  • Style – does the case reflect the on-trend designs of the season?
  • Longevity – is the case designed to stand the test of time?

Only the best cases survive to appear on our list of recommendations, ensuring you get the best of the best to choose from.