Zenpad Z380 8 Inch

Saving Zenpads Everywhere – One Case at a Time!

If your awesome Zenpad Z380 8 Inch doesn’t survive the approaching Zombie Apocalypse, how will anyone know what happened? So, your mission is to make sure it’s protected and can tell your story to anyone who’s left. Our cases will protect your tablet from any zombie attack, and ensuing splatter. The world depends on you!

If you have a Zenpad Z580C 8 Inch, we can protect that, too.

We have worked hard to build up a reliable relationship with all of our trusted sellers (who, to be honest, won’t survive the Zombies), which allows us to bring you the best tablet cases, with the highest protection factor, all for the lowest budget-friendly deals.

Not only that, but all our cases are tested for a number of factors, including:

  • Longevity – our cases are built to survive, keeping your tablet protected from any knocks, scratches or teeth
  • Style – every case represents the highest level of aesthetic appeal
  • Value for money – we asses price versus quality to ensure the best value for money

Save your Zenpad – you know it makes sense!