Cool Ascend Y300 Cases

Keep your phone pristine with an all-new Ascend Y300 case.

Your Ascend Y300 is your lifeline to the world and chances are you take it everywhere with you. But that means it’s at risk of getting damaged. However, not with a case from us. Our cases are designed specifically to protect your phone from any knocks or scratches, whilst ensuring it’s fully accessible.

Our ties with top providers grant us access to top-notch inventory, giving us an advantage over the competition.

You want quality cases and that’s all we recommend!

In fact, we hand-select all of our suggestions. All of the hard work has already been done. All you have to do is browse through the FoxyCase site and find something that piques your interest.

Before any item can grace these highly scrutinous lists, the FoxyCase team asks some pointed questions in order to separate the weaklings from the strongest in the bunch. Here are some examples of what we ask about each phone case:

  • Has the device been built with quality materials in order to ensure it’s longevity?
  • Is it robust enough to last through hours of daily use while still keeping the phone safe from common damage?
  • Is the texture and form of the case conducive to a smooth user experience?
  • Does the device have a high price-to-quality ratio?

FoxyCase features hundreds of different phone cases for a wide variety of popular brands. Browse through our thorough lists to find something that speaks to you.