Iconia One 7 B1-730

Get The Best For Your Tablet

If you’re anything like us, everything is stored on your Iconia One 7 tablet, and if anything happened to it, you’d be lost. But with a case from FoxyCase, your tablet will be protected from any damage. Plus with a new super stylish look, everyone will know it’s yours, and not pick it up accidentally.

Building up strong relationships with the most trustworthy and reliable sellers, enables us to pass on the benefits to our customers, and means you have access to the best ever deals on tablet cases.

Not only that, but we personally check each case for a number of things, including:

  • Function – does the case double as a functional tablet stand?
  • Durability – each case must be designed to offer the ultimate protection for your tablet
  • Longevity – the case must be built to last, and last well

By evaluating all of these points, the cases that we feature are the best around. Why not have a look?

If you have an Iconia One 8 B1, instead, please be careful to choose the correct size case