Exclusive iPhone XS Cases

Transform your device with a top-of-the-range iPhone XS case.

Your stylish iPhone XS may feel like it doesn’t need any excess stuff, but a case is just what the doctor ordered. After all, one drop, dent, or imperfection in that phone might just make a tear roll down your eye. Save yourself some trouble (and an expensive repair job) by searching through a catalog of top-of-the-line iPhone XS cases. 

Exclusivity is the FoxyCase advantage. We’ve buddied-up with some of the leading providers of iPhone cases to get frontline access to the greatest stocks around. We’re talking some of the hottest, most stylish, and capable iPhone XS cases in circulation, and that’s exactly what you’ll find on this list. 

We hand-pick each case to be placed on this list, but not before subjecting it to some careful scrutiny. Here are some questions we ask about every iPhone XS case before it makes it to our list: 

  • Is this case going to last as long as the iPhone XS? 
  • Will it protect the phone from common accidents (i.e. drops, scratches, spills, etc.)? 
  • Is the design ergonomic and comfortable? 
  • Is it going to compliment the size and shape of the iPhone XS?

Whether you need to outfit an old Android phone or the newest iPhone, FoxyCase is your best bet for finding functional and attractive cases. Our lists are always updated with new options to keep you ahead of the technological and design curves.