Download The Top 5 Sightseeing Apps Now!


Heading off on vacation, one of the first things we think of to take is our phone. Keeping in touch on our travels is important, but our phones can fulfil a range of other functions, too.

With a huge range of downloadable apps available, our phones can become whatever we want them to be, and by keeping your phone safe from knocks and easily recognisable inside a protective case, you can look after it as much as it looks after you!

With the cameras on phones, especially the new cool iPhone 11, and the latest Samsung,  improving with every upgrade, it’s simple to take good quality images of every attraction you visit, and finding each landmark is easy with sightseeing apps that take seconds to download and frequently cost nothing.

The better apps cover, not only the regular tourist sights, but will show you the hidden parts of any city that are known only to locals. Everyone visits the iconic Colosseum in Rome, Arizona’s jaw dropping Grand Canyon, or Windsor Castle in England, but who knows about the back streets of Camden Market, or New York’s bohemian district. With a downloadable app to show you around, you can see it all.

Lonely Planet

Providing a richly deep, immersive experience, Lonely Planet has a reputation for excellence. This app offers recommendations via the on-going commentary from local residents. The offline maps and phrase books are a great addition, transforming what starts out as just a vacation into a full adventure.


Cities Talking

With tales told by locals, Cities Talking brings the region to life. It offers GPS enabled maps, guides, and descriptions to read while the audio plays. This friendly and immersive method of exploring gives details of nearby tourist attractions, but can also take you off the usual course and around corners that only locals would know. Encouraging you to feel the local atmosphere, eat the region’s delicacies, and generally immerse yourself, Cities Talking gives an incredibly user friendly experience.



For any vacation, Yelp is a good app to have downloaded. It provides detailed instructions on how to access the local health care, police and any other emergency service, including a phrase book making communication easier. On a less important level, it can guide you to the nearest restaurant, hotel, train station and more, meaning that any city instantly becomes more welcoming.



By offering an easy to use, personalizable platform, you can control everything about this app. With tours delivered by experts who know the city, the features can be instantly changed to incorporate your own parameters. The accessibility of family friendly activities, price bands and the time spent exploring can all be altered depending on your requirements.



Leaving the tracks and heading off the main routes, AllTrails takes you away from civilisation and off into the countryside. Checking the ease of any given route, whether dogs are welcomed along the way or not, and the mode of transport eg walking or cycling, allows a uniquely individual experience.


With a range of decent apps at your fingertips, vacations become much more fun and exciting; why follow the herd and stick to the ‘normal’ sightseeing attractions when you can explore the real thing.