Latest Phones with the Wow Factor

Sit around the meeting table (ok, maybe the pub), and watch as everyone whips out their mobile phone. What a boring bunch – and that’s the phones. What defines one from another? How does your phone reflect your personality? What are the latest mobile phones that have the individual quirks that you do? Which are the ones that bring you something unique to the table?


For the Trend-Setter Techy Whizz Kid

If you always had aspirations of being the cool kid, bang on trend, and with the gear to match, then the Alcatel Idol 4 is your phone. Reality now is all about the virtual, and the Alcatel Idol 4 is, in essence, a VR headset. It uses the near-stock version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow which we know and love because it’s been finely tuned. However, not only have you got VR capabilities in the Alcatel Idol 4, you’ve got seriously pumping stereo speakers. You really will be the cool kid. Check out how the VR actually works here.


For the Video Lover

If you want the big screen experience of a tablet in a nifty phone with a 6 inch qHD display which is primarily an awesome camera, then look no further than the Alcatel Pixi 4(S). A whopping 8 megapixel dual flash autofocus camera pairs with a not-so-humble 5 megapixel front-facing camera too, making it ideal when you want to be the focus of attention in video chat. What’s more it comes with fun and zany Polaroid software so you can show off your stuff. Another one for camera lovers is the Sony Xperia E5 – a budget phone with battery life up to 2 days along with Auto Scene Recognition in the camera.


For the Rain Lover, Accident Prone, or Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts

Typically, up till now if you wanted a tough phone you had to select something reminiscent of a toddler’s walkie-talkie. Good old Samsung have come to the rescue with the Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 and Samsung Galaxy A5 2017. With IP68 you won’t be dousing your phone in a bath of rice again. What’s more, they’ve got the swanky metal-look, a relief after Galaxy’s plastic fascination last year.


For the Consistently Busy

Ever dream of telling your phone what to do and it just does it, but really can’t get on with Siri? Google Assistant available on the Google Pixel XL lets you start off “Ok, Google…” and then boss it around. If you’re a Google lover then this will make you happy. Even more, you can get your big brother fix with the Knock-Knock feature of Google Duo video-calling on the Google Pixel XL because you can see your caller before you even pick up! Check out the best phone case for Google Pixel XL.


For Life’s Hoarders

If you struggle to use the delete button then you need a phone that can offer you maximum storage. A brilliant entry-level smartphone on the market is the Huawei Y6 2 Compact. According to Huawei, the memory is expandable by 128 GB so you can hoard away.

So, don’t be a bore. Select a mobile phone that brings you something different, and stand out from the crowd.