The Best Apps for Travelers – Plan Your Adventure

Whether your latest adventure takes you to a new and unexplored city, or a whole different continent, your phone has more uses than just keeping in touch with family and friends.

Downloadable apps, many of them free, allow you do so many things, and with technology constantly improving, the abilities of apps just keeps increasing. There’s a wealth of apps designed to aid the adventurous traveler, and not just map based ones. Many provide guides around the more salubrious parts of town, or the secret areas that only locals know about, and some apps can even put you in touch with those locals (however, remember to stay safe). Apps, then, can really enhance your travel experience, making the adventure more personalized and interesting.

Map Apps

Map based apps are a must when it comes to exploring new places. Offering the ability to track around cities, and rural areas, discovering the best routes, many include satellite imaging, real-time traffic alerts and more.


 Google Maps  

This reliable, usable and very functional app has been guiding travelers for years, and it’s still as popular as ever. With satellite, street maps, interactive 360° and real time traffic reports, the route planning function has multiple options allowing for travel by foot, train, car and plane.




Visit A City

Visit A City has detailed descriptions of over 200,000 destinations, listing attractions, events or festivals, facilities and local infrastructure.






This is the ultimate city explorer app, and allows downloadable fully detailed maps, recommendations and the sharing of information and travel tips with others.




Like A Local

If you want to experience the real deal, Like A Local can bypass the tourist traps and show you the secret heart of the city. This user friendly app can make any location feel like home!




Getting Around Apps



This is a must-have for anyone, whether you travel or not. In Case of Emergency – ICE, is a free app that messages your named emergency contacts.





For getting around in safety, Uber is a good option. Allowing you to connect with a local driver, they will pick you up and take you to your desired destination. Uber uses pricing accountability, meaning you always know where you stand, and a follow up reference service to ensure good practice.



Get the guided tour straight from like minded locals via Meetup. Connect and make new friends while you travel.




With access to thousands of global restaurants, OpenTable allows you to filter according to cuisine, award rating, pricing and so much more before selecting your restaurant of choice.




Wherever you’re heading, music can provide a buzz with Spotify. Spanish flamenco, Japanese Koto flutes or even Sir Tom Jones accompanying you around Wales – just so lush!



Communication Apps



WhatsApp is an increasingly popular must-have, and offers international free calls and messaging.






Viber allows international communication with no hassle-free calling or texting when you’re connected to WiFi. Your contacts don’t even have to have Viber downloaded.




Our phones have become so much more useful than mere communication devices, and making your travel adventures easy, safe and more enjoyable is a great use of their technology.