Must-have Gadgets for Working From Home

Working from home seems like the dream – you can do it in your pajamas, and you’ve got all your home comforts within arm’s reach, and if your boss needs any convincing to allow remote work, here you go:

  • Remote staff are more productive, often working overtime, and picking their hours when they’re at their optimum performance level e.g. some people are night owls, hitting their best targets during darkness
  • Remote workers can save the company money on overheads etc
  • Avoiding the commute also avoids the stress that a long journey produces, and that time can be spent more productively
  • Access to a global network – there are no limitations on where staff are based

However, from your perspective, it can be easy to get distracted and not take your work seriously, so we set out to find some gadgets that you just must-have if you’re working from home.

A decent computer or laptop, with a strong internet connection and some anti-virus software, are the essentials, but what else is out there to make your life just that little bit easier?

Eliminating Distractions

Firstly, noise-canceling headphones are a must, especially if you live with other people who tend to be there when you’re working. If you have a job that allows you to work from home, it might mean unconventional hours, so you could be working while your family or housemates are having a get-together, practicing their trombone, or getting angry with Days of Our Lives. Check out how noise-canceling headphones work and make sure you know what product you’re after before grabbing a pair for yourself.

Can’t-Live-Without Gadgets

Forget smartphones and smart TVs, there now exists a smartpen – a pen that stores what you’re writing, as well as recording any audio, and it all goes onto an app or computer program for you to re-read, edit and learn from. Perfect if you’re scribbling some notes that you don’t want to have to type out at a later date, or if you’re on a conference call and need to remember every word.

Of course, there are also some funky (and small) gadgets you can get for your desk to keep boredom at bay – tiny vacuum cleaners powered through a USB port, and tiny fridges to keep your next can of lemonade from getting too warm. Don’t forget to put that can on a coaster though – you don’t want ring marks on your desk!

When you work from home your smartphone will become your best friend. They have become more like mini laptops than purely phones and this means that working from home can also be working on the move or from your local coffee shop. However, if you struggle with hearing loss, or just struggle to hear when there is a lot of noise around then this can make life so much more difficult. There are some amazing inventions out there that can help though, such as this fantastic innovation from Audacious which makes using your phone when out and about so much easier!

Finally, as you are likely to get your desk covered in all sorts of work materials, documents and notes, make sure that your phone is safe and sound from any damage and accidental drops to the floor off the edge of the desk with a high-quality protective case so that you never need to worry about your favorite e-pet again.

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